Advantech Business Builders, Inc.

What We Do

We help successful business leaders grow profitable businesses by:
  • Executing growth strategies through sales and strategic partnerships
  • Implementing best business practices
  • Helping CEOs and Executives become even more successful through:
    • Participation in a CEO Peer Advisory Board
    • Executive Leadership Coaching

Why choose Advantech?

The difference between Advantech and other service providers is:
  • Your sales will grow faster. Growing sales requires an informed strategy combined with focused execution. Too often strategy is outdated and the sales team pursues the wrong opportunities. We are experts in developing a realistic plan that achieves your vision, and then focusing sales efforts on the most profitable opportunities. If desired, we can help execute your plan by becoming an extension of your sales team, and go out and win business.
  • Implement best practice business processes, faster. We provide deep expertise in product management, strategic planning, sales and leadership development, from working with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. We are particular experts in technical products and services, and in the defense industry. For expertise in other functional areas, we have a broad network of experts in finance, marketing and lean operations. You get one-stop-shopping to access a wide range of experts and best practices.
  • You get to where you want to go as a leader, faster. Letís face it. As a senior leader itís lonely at the top. With us you have a team of experienced executives who in many cases have Ďbeen there, done thatí, and who can help you solve your biggest challenges. If desired, you can accelerate your leadership growth by joining our CEO peer advisory board.
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